Gallery III: Baravelle Spirals

In this project, students use a problem-solving approach to find sums of convergent infinite series.  Students construct square Baravelle spirals and explore the constructions of other types of spirals.  The lesson culminates in an original work of art in which students must represent an infinite series geometrically.

pdf Infinite Series        pdf Linda Stowe's Baravelle Spiral Unit    

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Blessing Bennett 2009 Jackie Li 2009 Rachel McGrain 2009 Sarah Boone 2009 Aaron Sachs 2009 Grace Liu 2009 Elizabeth Mackey 2009 Praise Hong 2009 Jill Cleveland 2009 Melanie Fritz 2009 Ming Zhang 2009 Marie Greaney, Anthony Basile, Jonathan White, Kimby Josephson 2009 Aimee Epstein 2009 Nate Fanzone 2009 Eric Borrero 2009 Dylan Singleton 2009 Graham Spicer 2009 Myles Jackson 2009

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