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First few digits of phi:

1.6180339887 4989484820 4586834365 6381177203 0917980576 2862135448 6227052604 6281890244 9707207204 1893911374 8475408807 5386891752 1266338622 2353693179 3180060766 7263544333 8908659593 9582905638 3226613199 2829026788 0675208766 8925017116 9620703222 1043216269 5486262963 1361443814 9758701220 3408058879 5445474924 6185695364 8644492410 4432077134 4947049565 8467885098 7433944221 2544877066 4780915884 6074998871 2400765217 0575179788 3416625624

"If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our
children of tomorrow."
~ John Dewey

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

The Museum of Mathematics strives to enhance public understanding and perception of mathematics. Its exhibits and programs aim to spark curiosity and reveal the wonders of math. offers a variety of challenging problems each month to increase mathematical enrichment. Problems vary in difficulty, and you can submit your own solutions for publication.
E-cybermission is a free, web-based Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics competition for students in grades six through nine.
Curiosity in the Classroom is a partnership between Discovery Education and Intel, designed to bring teachers, students and families on a journey through life's biggest questions.
On Cogito, you can learn about young scientists and find resources including recommended web sites and listings of summer programs, internships, and academic competitions. offers sample STEM fair projects. The site also provides a detailed step-by-step guide for developing STEM projects in addition to information about STEM careers.
Purple Comet! offers hosts a free, on-line, international team mathematics competition designed for middle and high school students. This year's competition will be held in April 2012.