Gallery II: Form Meets Function

In this project, students investigate transformations of polar equations by manipulating the parameters of the equations and analyzing the resulting graphs.  Students experiment with polar equations in order to produce a graph (using a single polar equation) that depicts a recognizable object. Students then plot their graph on a polar coordinate grid and use the graph to create an illustration.

pdf Form Meets Function I

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Hannah Leiberg 2008 Phil Cho 2008 Alexa Flores 2008 Arielle Miller 2008 Avery Sandborn 2008 Brandon Jennings 2008 Elena Donald 2008 Liron Fisch 2008 Andrew Ray 2008 Ervin Manuel 2008 Hima Bichali 2008 Andrew Heater 2008 Michael Kroeker 2008 Odis Ponce 2008 Sebastian Szollos 2008 Toria Shepherd 2008 Sofie Friedman 2008 Tao Liou 2008 Sohrab Hajarian 2008

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