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"Too often we give children answers to remember rather
than problems to solve."
~ Roger Lewin

AP Calculus BC Teaching Resources

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Syllabus & Pacing Guide

Detailed syllabus includes daily student outcomes, agenda, and homework assignments for the entire school year.  Includes one syllabus for 50-minute periods and one syllabus for 100-minute blocks.  For use with Larson, 6th Ed. 
MS Word Download FREE Sample (44KB).


Fill-in-the-Blank Student/Teacher Notes

Basic Integration Rules, Integration by Parts, Trig Integrals, Trig Substitution, Partial Fractions, Indeterminate Forms, Improper Integrals, Sequences & Series, Integral Test & p-Series, Comparison of Series, Alternating Series, Ratio & Root Tests, Taylor Polynomials, Power Series, Taylor & Maclaurin Series, Conics, Parametric Equations, Polar Coordinates & Equations, Vector-Valued Functions, Slope Fields & Euler's Method, Differential Equations & Logistic Functions.  For use with Larson, 6th Ed. 
MS Word Download FREE Sample (141 KB) on Parametric Equations or MS Word Download Complete Set (2.3 MB).  Answer key available for purchase (see below).


Answer Keys for Fill-in-the-Blank Student/Teacher Notes

Complete set of Student Notes with the blanks filled in with red ink.  For use with Larson, 6th Ed.  Adobe PDF (13.2 MB).


Stuff You Must Know Cold

Formula Reference Sheet to help prepare students for the AP Calc BC Exam. 
MS Word Download HERE (79 KB).


Summer Review Packet

Mixed review of Calculus AB topics. Calculus AB students are given a copy of the review packet during the last week of school, and are instructed to complete the packet during the summer. It is collected on the first day of Calc C. 
MS Word Download HERE (281 KB).


Polar Equation Project

I assign this project immediately following the AP Exam. My students continue to amaze me with their creativity! 
MS Word Download HERE (166 KB).


Extra Credit Project

This assignment gives students the opportunity to practice writing proofs. I have them choose two of the topics to turn in for extra credit. 
MS Word Download HERE (137 KB).